Influence of Plants on our Interior Environment


The Problem!

In almost every office we are constantly bombarded with toxic fumes from carpets, furniture, office cleaning products, printers and photocopiers. Research has found that exposure to these chemicals results in a general feeling of being under the weather, dizziness, nausea, blurred vision and respiratory complaints and in some cases severe allergic reactions.   
Unless overcome, this often leads to poor concentration and even increases in sick leave.


Plants affects people!

Most people experience reduced stress and increased production when plants are present.

Plants clean the air of toxic chemicals, suppress bacteria, moulds & humidity. The result is that rooms feel healthier and more comfortable!


Plants clean the air!

NASA research have proven that common indoor plants clean the air we breathe by exchanging fresh oxygen for stale carbon dioxide.  Various plants actually utilize potent indoor toxins by filtering them out though the plants leaf, root and micro organic systems.


About two medium size plants are able to improve the air quality per 100 square feet.  Plants can be the solution to common health issues that are apparent in interior environments.




Lechuza Quadro