Frequently Asked Questions


1)  Why Interior Plant People?
     We guarantee our clients a professional, reputable and reliable service.


2)  Who would make use of this service?




3)  How do real plants benefit work places?

    Healthy Plants in the Office Provide an efficient method of purifying the environment of toxic gases
    emitted from office equipment.

4)  Can plant display units be rented?

    Yes, plant units can be rented short term, medium term or long term, depending on your requirements.

    They can also be installed for your special events to provide that finishing touch.

5)  Do Interior Plant People maintain the plants?

    Yes, once we install the plants we will visit on a regular basis to feed, water, prune and maintain the


6)  What if the plant out grows or is no longer suitable for it's surroundings?

    If necessary, we will maintain the plants and displays to suit the environment.   We visit and reassess
    client needs on a regular basis.